Allegiant Virtual Becomes Official VATSIM Partner

posted by Michael Hutton on 2020-03-23

Allegiant Virtual Airlines became the first and only official Allegiant "VA Partner" of the VATSIM Network, it was announced today.

VATSIM is an online community created for enthusiasts of flight simulation and air traffic control. One of the main goals of VATSIM is to create an environment which is fun and, at the same time, an educational and realistic simulation of procedures followed by pilots and air traffic controllers everyday around the world. It recognizes the contributions of virtual airlines as significant and integral parts of the flight simulation community which allows many online pilots to experience the unique characteristics of the airline industry combined with authentic live air traffic control.

Allegiant Virtual staff encourages all members to conduct online flights as it adds to the immersion of the commercial flight environment. As a reminder, please include our web address "" in the remarks field of your VATSIM flight plan.