July Mid-Month Operations Report

posted by Fred Shepherd on 2020-07-17

Greetings everyone,

Normally, the mid-month operations report is sent via email blast. Unfortunately, that is not possible at this time.

I hope this note finds everyone well. Here is a brief mid-month report for your review.

1) RE-POSTED TOPIC: A topic of discussion at our prior staff meeting was that of our compliment of online versus offline pilots and the amount of presence on the VATSIM network. As you may be aware, Allegiant Virtual has been designated a VATSIM Partner Virtual Airline. As such, a requirement of the designation is an ongoing presence of our pilots on VATSIM. The only means by which our pilots can be identified on VATSIM is by having the web address (FLYAAY.COM) in the Remarks Section of the flight plan. Hence, the reason why we ask that all online type pilots enter the web address in Remarks when flying online.

2) RE-POSTED TOPIC: Heretofore, we used only the number of flights and approved PIREPs as our means for selecting the Pilot of the Month and Honorable Mentions. Commencing in June, our selection has been based upon a weighted value that places emphasis upon online flights with the web address in the Remarks Section. A point system has been developed that confers points upon all flights with added weight for those flown online and additional weight for having the web address in the Remarks Section of the flight plan. All flights of pilots who are close to the top of the monthly flights talley shall have their flights verified for online type using the VATSIM Stats page. When the web address is noted, the additional weight factor shall be included for the flight. The monthly POM and Honorable Mention pilots will be those who garner the most points each month.
Point Values:
Offline Flight = 1
Online Flight = 2
With Web Addy = 3 (2+3=5)

3) As of this writing, the following pilots have earned the most points for July:

Scott Brinson - 115 points
Jean Desmeules - 25 points
Sam Castle - 20 points
John Mullen - 20 points
Marlon Wright - 20 points
Michael Hutton - 15 points
Fred Shepherd - 15 points
Jack Levine - 15 points
Nick Grewal - 15 points
Chase Jones - 15 points
AJ VanMiddendorp - 10 points
Michael Netland - 9 points
Larry Marshall - 7 points

4) Staff Meeting Topic (Events): At our recent staff meeting on July 4th, general discussion transpired regarding events. Those present wanted to reach out to our pilot community to seek input for future events and the preferred development thereof. In keeping with their desires, I am calling upon all pilots to respond to this request for your input as to your preferences for setting up future events. Specifically, the time parameters (when to start), day/evening of week/weekend, length of flights (hours), parade or converging (or divergent) type arrangement, in collaboration with VATUSA events or not, ideal lead-time for announcing upcoming Allegiant Virtual events and the means to announce (Discord, website, email blast, etc) and other thoughts pertaining to event development (like, do we even call them events or something else). ALL ideas should be directed to Michael Hutton, CEO (ceo@flyaay.com)for consideration and further discussion. Your input/ideas in this matter are greatly appreciated.

That is a rap! Enjoy this great day and stay well
Fred Shepherd
Chief Operating Officer
Allegiant Virtual Airlines