Senior Capt. Scott Brinson (AAY379) Earns June POM Honors

posted by Michael Hutton on 2020-07-02

Congratulation to Sr. Captain Scott Brinson (AAY379) for capturing the Pilot of the Month honors for June 2020!

Scott accumulated 76 points in our newly established point system that awards pilots for not just the number of flights or flight time but includes credit for flying online with VATSIM. Also included in the points is including the Allegiant Virtual web address in the Remarks field of their flight plan.

The ever steady COO Fred Shepherd (AAY302) actually edged out Scott with 80 points but since he is staff (and retired) he is not eligible for the award, but we recognize him with an honorable mention.

Rounding out the rest of the top pilots for the month were Jeff French (40 points), Mike Hutton (40 points), Jean Desmeules (35 points), Jack Levine (29 points), Matthew Harpt (29 points), John Mullen (20 points), AJ VanMiddendorp (19 points), Sam Castle (16 points), David Cross (12 points), and Mike Madery (6 points).

Allegiant Virtual thanks all of our pilot crew for your continued support!