May Birthdays

posted by Fred Shepherd on 2020-05-01

How interesting, there are none during May!
So, I would like to welcome all the new hires who have recently joined the Allegiant Virtual community. Michael Hutton - CEO and I are here to assist you in your flight simulation hobby and committed to cultivating the best Allegiant brand in the virtual environment. We ask little of you, but do have several preferences:

1) when flying online via VATSIM, we ask that you enter FLYAAY.COM in the Remarks Section of your flight plan. If using Simbrief, it may be entered there before submitting your flight plan;
2) use the Flight Schedule to book your routine flights;
3) if doing a charter flight, then use the manual pirep option. NOTE: Manual pireps MUST include the VATSIM stats page url in the Route Section so we can verify the flight using VATSIM stats data. Thusly, the flight must be flown online via VATSIM. Also, enter CHARTER as your 1st entry in the Route Section of FP (see the Ops Manual);

Spring has arrived and yet we are cooped up because of the coronavirus situation. I hope all are well and take prudent measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. Those of us in USA will begin to come out of hibernation soon. So, have patience, stay safe and life will get better soon.

Fred Shepherd
Chief Operating Officer