Special Recognition: Red Eye Special - AAY333

posted by Fred Shepherd on 2020-04-16

April 16, 2020
3:00AM Eastern Daylight Time.
In the quiet of the night, an Allegiant pilot soared above the globe at 35,000 feet with an engaging quartering tailwind thanks to a Low pressure system to his north. He was flying that metal tube from New Orleans Armstrong Airport to Raleigh Durham in his Airbus 320. Not many passengers, but the cargo hold was loaded.
At this time during the middle of the night there stood 9 controllers who were manning the radar scopes and 174 pilots hauling the cargo and few passengers on VATSIM. Amongst the dedicated personnel was AAY333 Ralph Caridad, a long time flight simulation veteran of the VATSIM network who represented Allegiant Virtual Airlines in a manner for all to see. He used simbrief to submit his flight plan and had our web address inserted into the Remarks Section. There it was for the VATSIM world to see...FLYAAY.COM

I scribe this special article of recognition as a way of demonstrating that we greatly appreciate when our pilots fly online and represent Allegiant Virtual by inserting our web address into the Remarks Section. We ask that all pilots do this very simple task so as to help market this small virtual airline and thus assist in sustaining its viability and to attract others to it.

Mr. Caridad could easily have undertaken this flight during the middle of the night and could have skipped with having FLYAAY.COM in Remarks Section. No one would have known. Yet, he did the right thing to help us! Thank you Ralph!!!

Thank you also to our many pilots who represent this VA on VATSIM with our address in Remarks during the traditional hours of the day. Tis greatly appreciated.

Michael Hutton, CEO
Fred Shepherd, COO