CRAF Flights

posted by Fred Shepherd on 2020-04-06

As of November 2019, Allegiant Airlines has been one of three domestic carriers supporting the US Air Force with Part 121 aircraft in time of need. Allegiant Airlines, Southwest and Everts Air Cargo comprise the support function of Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) for the Department of Defense.

Since the majority of real world Allegiant Airlines’ fleet is effectively grounded due to cancellations, some aircraft (and crews) have been made available for CRAF support to US Air Force per the contract with the Department of Defense. Accordingly, you are welcome to participate in CRAF flights. Departure airport and destination airport are of your choice. It is suggested that you fly medical personnel, equipment and supplies to “hot spots” in USA. Major areas for medical equipment and supplies are Minneapolis, Raleigh-Durham, Indianapolis, Greensboro area and others.

If you wish to fly a CRAF type flight, please use the vaACARS reporting mechanism (fill out all entries including airports). Do NOT use the schedule. Use a callsign of AAY95xx. Insert CHARTER into Route Section and then your route. See my recent CRAF flights’ pireps for illustrations of pirep entries. IF you prefer to use the MANUAL option, the flight MUST be flown on VATSIM and the VATSIM address MUST be included in the Route section for verification purposes.

The link to CRAF with US Air Force is

Should you have questions, kindly contact me at your convenience.

We live at a time of uncertainty and the effects of the pandemic is causing great suffering and grief for many around the globe. Please keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers.
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Fred Shepherd
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