Allegiant Virtual Charters

Allegiant Virtual emulates the real-world Allegiant by conducting charter flights for corporations, government/military, schools/universities, emergencies, and even leisure. As a member of our organization, you have the freedom to fly wherever you want, whenever you want. While we have plenty of flights to choose from in our schedule, our charter flights are all up to you and your imagination! For those who are interested in conducting Maintenance, Repositioning, and other Charter flights, be sure to download the MRC Flight Operations Guide created by our Chief Pilot Doug, who is a real-world A319/A320 pilot for a major U.S. airline.

The guide contains great information and provides many different flights not found in our schedule. In the spirit of realism, the only requirements for MRC flights is that you conduct your flight with Allegiant Virtual authorized aircraft and the airports would be Part 139 Certified in the real world.


Beginning October 2021, Allegiant Virtual Charters will be the official virtual airline of the Las Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League. As part of the deal, Allegiant Virtual will transport team personnel back and forth from Las Vegas to destinations in the United States and Canada. You can find these flights by searching for Allegiant Air Charters in the schedule.

Allegiant Virtual pilots who fly a minimum of three Golden Knights charters during the 2021-22 NHL season will receive the airline's Golden Knights Charter Award. The caveat to these flights is they must be flown according to the real-world NHL schedule. To make the award challenging and in the spirit of realism, pilots are not allowed to conduct a Golden Knights charter after the date of the game played, but they can be flown anytime between the dates of the two games that require travel. The Golden Knights schedule can be found here. The table below shows the current scheduled charter flights through February 2022. These flights can be flown with any Allegiant Virtual aircraft type.

Golden Knights Charter

Date Flight Number Departure Destination
12-19-21 G49800 (P) Newark (KEWR) Las Vegas (KLAS)
12-28-21 G49800 (Q) Las Vegas (KLAS) Los Angeles (KLAX)
12-29-21 G49800 (R) Los Angeles (KLAX) Las Vegas (KLAS)
01-13-22 G49800 (S) Las Vegas (KLAS) Edmonton (CYEG)
01-14-22 G49800 (T) Edmonton (CYEG) Calgary (CYYC)
01-15-22 G49800 (U) Calgary (CYYC) Las Vegas (KLAS)
01-23-22 G49800 (V) Las Vegas (KLAS) Washington, D.C. (KDCA)
01-24-22 G49800 (W) Washington, D.C. (KDCA) Raleigh-Durham (KRDU)
01-25-22 G49800 (X) Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) Miami (KMIA)
01-27-22 G49800 (Y) Miami (KMIA) St. Petersburg (KPIE)
01-30-22 G49800 (Z) St. Petersburg (KPIE) Las Vegas (KLAS)
02-24-22 G49800 (1)(A) Las Vegas (KLAS) Phoenix (KPHX)
02-25-22 G49800 (2)(A) Phoenix (KPHX) Las Vegas (KLAS)